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Monday, October 20th @ 6:15pm - Pilates Dance Fusion returns. Join Melanie again for a dance workout combining Zumba and Cardio Dance choreography with some Pilates breaks between dances.

New to Pilates?  Try Progressive Pilates on Tuesday mornings at 9:15 to learn your basics and quickly master your moves!


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Susan Aarhus, founder of

YourCore, believes that students will develop a life-long love of Pilates and achieve lasting changes in their body if their first exposure to the method provides an enjoyable, educational, and thorough understanding of the Fundamentals upon which the exercises are based. This first experience should be fun, supportive, and informative. Once these Fundamentals are mastered, students will enjoy exploring the hundreds of exercises, layers, and variations that Pilates has to offer, in a safe and instructional way.

Our yoga classes offer students new to the practice exposure to the language and movements of yoga, while adding an excellent opportunity to develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness to their weekly fitness routine.

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YourCore students enjoy small class sizes, personal attention from our excellent instructors, and cheerful camaraderie with other students.