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Any NEW student attending the following free trial classes between now and 4/16 will receive 50% off their first month of classes. CURRENT students will receive $5 off their next month's tuition for each of the following they try for the FIRST time (limit 4 per person):

PB & Jack
Mon 9:30 AM Pilates Fundamentals
Mon 4:00 PM Yoga
Mon 6:00 PM Pilates
Tue 6:00 PM Grab Bag Challenge
Wed 9:15 AM Pilates Strength
Wed 6:00 PM Grab Bag Challenge
​Thur 6:00 PM Pilates
Fri 12:15 PM Mixed Level Pilates

Franklin Farm
Pilates on Tues @ 8PM and Sat @ 9AM

 ​A note about childcare: Price for childcare at PB & Jack has increased from $5 to $7 while you are in class with us.

Franklin Farm 13224 Franklin Farm Rd.
​- Our Main Street location is INSIDE PB & Jack  at 9540 Main Street Fairfax.  We are directly to the left of Dollar Tree in the lower level shopping center, just across from Woodson High School.​

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Affordable, friendly pilates & Yoga

Susan Aarhus, founder of

YourCore, believes that students will develop a life-long love of Pilates and achieve lasting changes in their body if their first exposure to the method provides an enjoyable, educational, and thorough understanding of the Fundamentals upon which the exercises are based. This first experience should be fun, supportive, and informative. Once these Fundamentals are mastered, students will enjoy exploring the hundreds of exercises, layers, and variations that Pilates has to offer, in a safe and instructional way.

Our yoga classes offer students new to the practice exposure to the language and movements of yoga, while adding an excellent opportunity to develop strength, flexibility and mindfulness to their weekly fitness routine.

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why yourcore?

YourCore students enjoy small class sizes, personal attention from our excellent instructors, and cheerful camaraderie with other students.